HR Check-In: Candidate Experience And Its Strategic Importance

HR Check-In: Candidate Experience And Its Strategic Importance

Emily Check

Years ago, the phrase candirise of candidate experiencedate experience was flying under the radar as job seekers struggled through labor-intensive, desktop-only apply processes. But now, it’s become arguably the most talked about theme in the recruiting community. These four articles will give you the low-down on how candidate experience came about, and why it’s so important to modern talent acquisition teams.

How Can Recruiters Improve The Candidate Experience (The Undercover Recruiter)

Candidate Experience encompasses a number of things that can be affected by different departments within an organization. Recruiters are not the only individuals that are responsible for providing a positive candidate experience, however, they can have a significant affect by paying attention to the details in the hiring process. Key causes of negative candidate experience can be poor communication, lack of organization, and vague job descriptions. This Undercover Recruiter article shares ways recruiters can change their process to boost candidate experience.

Candidate Experience, With Gerry Crispin (Recruiting Social)

Recruiting Social recaps the data from Gerry Crispin’s Candidate Experience Survey in this article. The statistics shared are not-to-be missed. Just think—sixty percent of candidates that had a great experience will go out of their way to encourage others to apply. The data collected by the Candidate Experience Survey found four key messages that companies should send candidates in order to be successful in hiring:

  1. Show that you’re listening
  2. Set expectations
  3. Be accountable
  4. Make sure the process is fair

The Importance of Having the Best Possible Candidate Experience (College Recruiter)

Need a quick recap of the what, why, and how of candidate experience? Libby Rothberg explains why candidate experience has become such a staple in the recruiting world in the past five years. Employers didn’t used to have the tools in place to measure how many candidates were dropping out of the application process, or the quality of those candidates. But now, largely due to The Candidate Experience Awards and other organizations and influencers raising awareness, organizations of all sizes are working hard to make the candidate experience a positive one.

16 Tips For Improving Your Candidate Experience, #10 is a Must (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

Kate Rielly tells the reoccurring story of the bad candidate experience—and the negative affect it can have on an organization (social media ranting, negative reviews, etc.). However, it’s not too late to change. These sixteen tips can change your entire candidate experience and improve your talent pool in a long-term way. Definitely don’t miss tip #10—a crucial question for all recruiters to close the interview process with.

Interested in learning more about what it takes to build a modern candidate experience? Check out our new “9-Point Checklist for Building a Next-Generation Candidate Experience.”

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