The HR Check-In: The Evolving Best Practices For Attracting Talent

The HR Check-In: The Evolving Best Practices For Attracting Talent

Emily Check

ipad-820272_1280 (1)The top of mind for every recruiter is the same, how can I attract top talent efficiently? This week’s HR Check-In compiles some of the (evolving sets of) best practices modern talent acquisition leaders can’t live without. If you haven’t already implemented an optimized candidate experience, a simple and mobile-friendly apply process, and recruitment marketing strategy, all signs point to the fact that you better get moving.

Why Make Applicants Jump Through Rings of Fire? (ERE Recruiting Intelligence)

Charlene Long, a technical recruiter, questions the outdated reasoning behind forcing candidates to fill out time-consuming, painfully detailed job applications. She suggests that with a brief questionnaire (no more than five multiple choice questions) and a simple resume submission option, the recruiter is still able to capture the necessary information to determine if the candidate meets the minimum requirements. Avoiding the risk of losing qualified candidates because of a tedious and rather annoying application comes from simplification. Do you really need the street addresses of all previous employers?

4 Benefits of a Winning Candidate Experience (

With the economy in an upswing, it’s becoming more difficult for companies to be considered one of the best places to work. If you’re not recruiting with candidate experience in mind, you will turn away top talent because of your complex and inefficient application process. In this consumer-friendly digital age, your competitors will lure the most qualified candidates away with easy, fun, and highly interactive application processes. This article shares four of the most important benefits of providing a winning candidate experience that you can’t afford to miss out on.

The Secret to Recruitment Marketing: Attracting Top Talent in 4 Steps (Wilson Human Capital Group)

The success of a company starts with the quality of its hires. But attracting the most talented and skilled individuals isn’t easy. It’s time for talent acquisition leaders to start thinking like marketers—they must design and execute a strategic recruitment marketing plan to entice the best talent. Daniel Flores shares four simple steps to finding and attracting the best candidates. He starts with the obvious: building and marketing your employer brand. The next three steps all revolve around interaction with the candidates (pre and post apply), and providing the best possible candidate experience through open and continued communication.

All Recruiting is Mobile Recruiting (Recruiting Daily)

In this Recruiting Daily post, Matt Charney delivers yet another account of why mobile recruiting is a must have. After all, a recent study by Deloitte found that average smart phone users check their cell phone about 25 times per day. And the hard-to-find, top talent, checks their phone about 100 times per day. In the recruiting world, one of the best attributes of the mobile phone is the constant connection it provides. It’s an ideal way for recruiters to pull candidates in via streamlined applications, while also pushing information and alerts out about relevant open positions, in real-time, all the time.

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