The HR Check-In: Positively Impacting Passive Candidate Engagement

The HR Check-In: Positively Impacting Passive Candidate Engagement

Emily Check

passive candidate recruiting strategyEveryone seems to be focusing on the topic of “passive candidates” these days, because—after all—it’s often those professionals who are gainfully employed but looking that are the best ones for your jobs. But what’s your passive candidate engagement strategy? How will you identify, attract, and engage them? In this week’s HR Check-In, we look into this topic and a few related ones including employer branding and attracting Millennials.

1. Where Do You Rank in the Competency Model for Recruiting Passive Candidates? (The Hiring Blog)

Passive candidates have proven to be extremely high quality in many cases. And as LinkedIn says, “it is easy to find out who they are, but because they are passive candidates, it takes a truly skilled recruiter to engage them in a meaningful conversation.” They then go on to discuss how their 12-factor passive candidate recruiter competency model can be used to effectively recruit this top talent.

2. Forecasts All Agree: More Hiring Ahead (ERE)

CareerBuilder’s mid-year job forecast says 49 percent of surveyed employers report they expect to add full-time, permanent staff before the end of the year. That’s two percentage points than said that a year ago, and well-ahead of the 36 percent who planned to add staff at the beginning of this year.”

The economy is getting better and growing, and as expected, that makes employers feel more comfortable. This typically indicates the risk of hiring new employees is somewhat mitigated. In fact, research from Manpower Group and CareerBuilder shows that employers are planning to add more headcount than last year—even more than six months ago. This article shares a number of recruiting stats and trends senior leadership should take into consideration.

Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Your Recruiter Brand (J.T. O’Donnell)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—the internet has changed recruiting forever. The way people find jobs and the way recruiters interact with job seekers is transforming by the day. And it’s putting a lot more pressure on delivering an outstanding recruiting or employer brand. Since many companies aren’t focusing on this, or are just starting to consider its implications, there’s no doubt an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

Surveys Show Millennials Seeking Out-of-Office Options (Workforce)

“If companies want to attract the top performers from this generation, they have got to figure out how to accommodate this demand for flexibility or risk losing them to their more adaptable competitors.”

Are you keeping up with the times? Despite how easily the internet can connect us when we’re in different locations, a surprising number of companies are still very conservative when it comes to allowing employees to work remotely. This lack of flexibility is poised to catch up to some companies trying to attract the younger-skewing crowd. In Workforce’s article this week, they share some recent research on the topic and a few takeaways you—as someone who can impact employer branding and perception—might want to bring up at your next meeting.

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