The HR Check In: Hiring Funnel Optimization in the Internet Era

The HR Check In: Hiring Funnel Optimization in the Internet Era

Emily Check

Hiring Funnel OptimizationBefore technology ruled the job search process, recruiters didn’t have to worry as much about change. Now it seems like change is a constant in their world. In order to bring in and develop the best candidates, talent acquisition teams must stay on top of the newest trends in the industry, finding ways to take their candidate experience, employer brand, mobile recruiting, and social sourcing to the next level. These four articles describe a few of the trending topics in recruiting—and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Why You Can’t Afford to Overlook Your Employer Brand (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

According to this LinkedInTalent Blog, over 76% of people said they would like to know more about a recruiter before they apply to an open position. They want an inside view of the company—and a leg up on the hiring process. This data suggests that recruiters must consider optimizing their own personal brand, just as a talent acquisition team must consider the company’s holistic employer brand.

Treat Recruitment Like You Treat Your Sales: Build a Talent Funnel (Fortune)

Stacey Higginbotham offers an interesting new way to think about your talent pipeline in this Fortune article. Consider your sales strategy: it probably involves funneling prospective clients that gradually grow over time to meet your specific revenue goals. Now imagine your revenue goals were open requisitions and your your prospective clients were actually prospective employees. Delivering a talent pipeline that is sustainable and rational comes from bringing in entry-level employees and developing their skills to eventually become mid-level and senior level workers, just as a sales prospect develops through your sales cycle.

Why The Hiring Process Takes Longer Than Ever (Fast Company)

If you’re about to start the job search process, you certainly shouldn’t expect instant results. The hiring process is taking longer than ever before, according to a report from Glassdoor Economic Research. Four years ago, it the average interview process only took 13 days, and now it takes a staggering 23 days. The title of the position, location of the opening, screening process, and size of the company all have an effect on the length of the time to hire. The time it takes to secure top talent in an open role has a direct effect on your company’s success—and bottom line.

Watch Out, Sharp Turns Ahead in Recruitment (Recruiting Blogs)

Looking back ten years ago, the recruiting process was entirely different than it is today. The next ten years will be no exception. Kelly Robinson sees the most crucial turning points in the path of the recruiting process as the following: Mobile Accessibility, Social Sourcing, and Data Analytics. Recruiters that aren’t on board with these constantly evolving ideas are guaranteed to miss out on top talent.

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