HR Check-In: Building the Most Efficient Talent Acquisition Strategy

HR Check-In: Building the Most Efficient Talent Acquisition Strategy

Emily Check

This week’s HR CRecruiting Strategyheck-In offers different perspectives on building the perfect recruiting and talent acquisition strategy for your organization. Of course, every company’s strategy will be different, based on size, industry, and so on. However, there are several general ideas that all talent acquisition organizations should keep in mind when it comes to their unique strategy. These articles also provide valuable benchmark and survey data that will come in handy as a comparison tool.

How Efficient Is Your Recruitment Funnel? (The Undercover Recruiter)

If you’re searching for a purple squirrel, you must cast a wide net before you can narrow down your options. Imagine your recruitment process as a funnel, starting with everyone who isn’t yet or just became aware of one of your open positions, all the way down to completed hires. This Undercover Recruiter article does a great job of summing up the five stages of the recruitment funnel and providing valuable benchmark metrics to compare your recruitment funnel against.

Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition: What is the Difference? (Social Hire) explains results of a global survey completed by Halogen and Cranfield University. Interestingly enough, less than half of respondents had a talent management strategy in place within their organization. And 29% of respondents that did have a talent management strategy said it wasn’t working well. Overall, one-third of respondents stated that they would like to introduce a strategy within the next two years. Organizations that do develop an integrated talent strategy will in turn build a more efficient, higher quality candidate pool for the future.

What Recruitment Can Learn From Inbound Marketing (The Next Web)

Ben Slater suggests that recruiters consider changing their perspective when figuring out how to hire the best talent. As the marketing industry as a whole moves toward a more digital, inbound-focused strategy, traditional recruiting methods are becoming less and less effective. Talent acquisition teams must invest time in building, filling, and measuring a sustainable hiring funnel, just like marketers do with their lead funnel, which will give employers a marked advantage. It’s a much more strategic process, and it doesn’t hurt your employer brand either.

The War For Talent Is Over: What Happens Now? (Beamery)

Now that the “War for Talent” is officially over (just ask Josh Bersin), and talent acquisition teams are operating in a candidate-led world, the way companies present themselves to candidates is the most crucial factor in increasing number of high-quality candidates in their recruiting funnel. In order to create an impressive brand and ensure that every time a candidate touches your brand is successful, recruiters should re-evaluate the way they are marketing their career site. What it really comes down to is putting yourself in the candidate’s shoes: would you apply?

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