The HR Check-In: A Modern Approach to Recruiting Strategy

The HR Check-In: A Modern Approach to Recruiting Strategy

Emily Check

Recruiters have been modern recruiting strategieslaser-focused on one thing for the longest time—hunting down the best candidates to match their open positions. But the approach certainly shouldn’t stay the same as society moves toward a different, much more digital era. As we’ve discussed in the past, to stay ahead of the curve, recruiters must be willing to experiment with new technology and strategies. From utilizing video techniques to building out candidate personas before posting job descriptions, these four articles share unique ideas on how to attract your most desired candidates.

4 Video Strategies That Will Help You Recruit The Best Talent (

According to forecasts from Cisco’s February 2015 Visual Networking Index, video will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019, and 67%of that Internet traffic will be accessed via mobile devices. Recruiters take note: reaching your candidates by traditional methods will become much more difficult. This article describes four awesome ways you can utilize video in your recruiting strategy. And they’re all modern and interactive—company culture videos, employee-focused videos, video applications, and video interviews.

HR Dilemma: Why Your Job Ads Aren’t Attracting the Right Talent (

Frustrated by the caliber of talent you’re receiving from your job ads? You’re not alone—one in three U.S. employers reports difficulty in filling open positions. Erik Episcopo lays out several unique options for improving your open job advertisements in this article. He suggests being very specific when writing your job postings and always making them visually appealing. The most attractive postings are unique and include intangible traits in the description.

Want to Recruit Better Talent? Think Like A Marketer (

Your candidates are most likely living on social networking sites, so why not take a modern approach to filling open positions—and use social media platforms as your avenue to recruit? In this SHRM article, Greg Wright explains that companies can save a significant amount of money by supplementing job advertisements with free social media posts that advertise those same jobs. Experts say that candidates recruited via social media are a higher quality group of candidates who are more likely to enjoy the company and stick around longer, decreasing turnover rates.

A Crash Course In Building Candidate Personas (Linkedin Talent Blog)

This Linkedin Talent Blog post shares an interesting idea around developing candidate personas before recruiting for an open position. Doing this helps to ensure that you’re looking in the right places, and that the messaging is exactly what it should be. Recruiters should treat their candidate personas as living, evolving documents that can be tailored for their team. Best practices include looking for inspiration in the outside world to make the persona more dynamic and realistic. Also, consider mapping out the candidate’s career path and including multiple perspectives in persona development.

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