The Heart of TA is Still Beating: HCI Talent Pulse

The Heart of TA is Still Beating: HCI Talent Pulse

Mike Roberts

Click here to download the HCI Talent Pulse report now

As part of Jibe’s partnership with the Human Capital Institute, we are able to share some great insight and research through their Talent Pulse reports. The latest report is all about Talent Acquisition, and explores several key areas:

  • Recruiting Passive Candidates
  • Social Media Recruitment
  • Employment Branding

At the heart of all these, and really at the heart of talent acquisition itself, is one thing: engagement. In today’s increasingly competitive ‘War for Talent’, it’s more crucial than ever that talent acquisition pros engage with job seekers from the very start of the hiring journey. Whether those candidates are found via social platforms, employee referral programs, next-generation talent networks or other means, engagement is the key to a strong employment brand and an optimal candidate experience. Done right, and not only will you attract top talent, you’ll also foster employee loyalty and positive feelings as new hires come in the door.

Click here to download your copy of HCI’s Talent Pulse report. As a bonus, check out the following video of a panel discussion, “Using Technology to Improve the Candidate Experience,” from last month’s HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference. The discussion, moderated by Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld and featuring Heather Tinguely from Microsoft, Semi Trotto from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Brandon Hall’s Madeine Laurano, three of the industry’s premiere thought leaders on candidate experience and engagement, touches on many of the themes explored in HCI’s research. Enjoy.

For more information on how Jibe can assist in ramping up your talent acquisition, check out our solutions or request a demo. We’d love to show you how we’ve helped some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world target, engage and hire top talent.

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