Tales From the Field: The Mobile Applicant

Tales From the Field: The Mobile Applicant

Mike Roberts

Lest you thought it was the case, the mobile job seeker is not a myth. For some time now we’ve heard about how crucial it is optimize your application process for the mobile world. That assertion, until recently, has often been met with a healthy dose of skepticism, treated with a knowing nod and a comment along the lines of, “yeah, yeah… we know it’s important, but we can get to it later.” Not anymore.

The numbers do not lie. Not only are smartphones and tablets now the preferred devices for internet access, they are also fast becoming the #1 method for job search. Today’s candidates are mobile first, no doubt about it. But who are they?

MREC Talk Radio

As a follow-up to his keynote presentation at MREC13 Mobile Recruiting Conference in September, Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld joined hosts Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison on MREC Talk Radio last week to dig deeper into the mindset of mobile job seeker. You can check out the discussion, “Tales From the Field: The Mobile Applicant,” right here:

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See our resources page for more information on the mobile applicant, including our video interview with actual mobile job seekers and Joe’s presentation from MREC13.

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