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HR Check In: Why Your Company Needs to Invest in HR Tech

Companies invest in new technology all the time, and for a variety of different reasons. But how about integrating better, smarter, and faster technology resources to help you attract top-notch talent? Sure, this might mean tapping into your budget, but chances are the investment will pay itself off with the improvements you’ll see in cost-per-hire, […]

Emily Check

January Jobs Report: What Wage Growth Means For Recruiters

wage gains in 2016

The latest jobs figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed modest employment gains in January of 151,000. While this was below forecasts, it was enough jobs to push the unemployment rate down slightly to 4.9%. And the labor force participation rate, a useful barometer of the state of the job market, increased slightly to […]

Emily Smykal

The Jobs Report: What Recruiters Should Know About November’s Data

2016 jobs report data

The November jobs report from the BLS was released last Friday and the mostly positive results tell us a lot about the U.S. job market. Total employment in non-farm jobs went up by 211,000 last month, which was higher than many analysts had expected. The unemployment rate held steady at 5%. While we know this […]

Emily Smykal

HR Check In: Unique Ways To Step Up Your 2016 Recruiting Game

Is your talent acquisition strategy lagging behind? With information and articles coming at you from every angle it might be hard to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. This post gathers four articles that are worth paying attention to. They offer unique and forward-thinking ideas around employer branding, employee benefits, candidate nurturing and recruiting […]

Emily Check

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