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Recruiting Technology Trends 2016: What Employers Should Know

recruiting technology trends 2016

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average now over 18,000 and the NASDAQ capping 5,000 this past Monday, the “Great Recession” continues to become more and more of a distant memory—one that most of us are happy to let fade away. For talent acquisition professionals, this should mean a gradual return back to normalcy. Recent research, […]

Mike Roberts

Wash Away The Pain?

Can we talk about candidate experience for a minute? This is something we absolutely shouldn’t have to talk about it anymore, but clearly do. I’m reminded once again, this time by one Mr. Matt Charney, that many companies still haven’t taken this whole candidate experience thing seriously. In his piece, “Black Hole Sun: Experiencing the Experience,” Matt documents his […]

Mike Roberts

The Island of Misfit Tools

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the classic Rankin-Bass holiday special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Despite its’ age, this stop-motion special still appeals to kids today and certainly evokes nostalgia amongst those who don’t believe in Santa any longer (sorry if I just ruined that for you). There is a time and place for nostalgia and […]

Mike Roberts

HR Imperatives #2: The Legacy Problem

This week on the Jibe Blog we are running a 3-part video series highlighting the key imperatives to take into consideration when surveying the ever-expanding HR and recruiting technology landscape. Today, we look at “The Legacy Problem.”  “There’s a lot of friction with the existing providers.” — Joe Essenfeld, Jibe CEO  Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld recently […]

Mike Roberts

Coming Up Winners In Chicago

We’re just back from an awesome week in Chicago for the 2014 Fall ERE Recruiting Conference. As always, the show delivered on several levels – great content, stellar attendees and a whole lot of fun. We had a chance to catch up with many of our peers and customers and got to hear from some […]

Mike Roberts

The Mobile Generation Is Waiting

By the level of noise and chatter focused on the mobile recruiting trend over the past several years one would think that corporate talent acquisition teams have made great strides in adopting and deploying these solutions. But the results of our recently released 2014 Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey tells another story. In our survey, our […]

Mike Roberts

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