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How to Recruit Millennials: Going Beyond What Worked In the Past

how to recruit millennials

Millennial workers are like no other generation in the workforce. The 53.5 million 18 to 34 year olds searching for jobs today are more digitally connected than their older colleagues, and their expectations for the job market are constantly changing. Adapting to these preferences while maintaining your unique corporate culture can be difficult. But it’s […]

Emily Smykal

Trouble Converting Candidates? Here’s 9 Ways to Improve Your Online Job Applications

candidate experience job application online

This week, we continue our series on how to improve candidate experience by focusing on the dreaded online job application. Read our last post on candidate experience best practices for candidate sourcing. It’s no surprise that candidates dislike most online job applications. We don’t blame them either. Applying to a job online typically involves interacting […]

Mike Roberts

HubSpot, Snapchat, and How to Not Be So Boring With Your Recruiting

interesting recruiting ideas

Over the years, applying for a job has evolved from a strictly paper-based process to a completely digital one. Just because we’re all avid Internet users now, and have probably become comfortable with the idea of applying to jobs online, that doesn’t mean employers should stop innovating and making the process better. But how? Let’s […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: Providing the Best Experience for Online Job Applicants

It’s 2016, which means another year of upward movement in the digital space. More than ever, candidates will be searching and applying for jobs on mobile, social media, and career sites. As an HR professional, your goal should be to make that application process as simple and internet-friendly as possible. This encompasses many aspects—ranging from […]

Emily Check

The HR Check-In: Keeping Your Hiring Process Up-To-Date

The ultimate goal of any recruiting organization is to hire more, better, and faster. This requires a streamlined, up-to-date, and tech-savvy recruiting process. These four articles explain what talent acquisition teams should consider tweaking in order to have the most effective hiring process in today’s technology-driven age. What Baseball Can Teach Us About Effective Hiring ( When it comes […]

Emily Check

The HR Check-In: A Modern Approach to Recruiting Strategy

Recruiters have been laser-focused on one thing for the longest time—hunting down the best candidates to match their open positions. But the approach certainly shouldn’t stay the same as society moves toward a different, much more digital era. As we’ve discussed in the past, to stay ahead of the curve, recruiters must be willing to experiment […]

Emily Check

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