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Mobile Candidate Experience: 4 Signs Yours Is Outdated

mobile recruiting best practices

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs said the phone was no longer “just a communication tool but a way of life.” This was an interesting statement to make, because at the time consumer-oriented cellphones were used primarily for calls, texts, and sending pixelated pictures to friends and family. Fast-forward to 2015 and smartphones play a major […]

Mike Roberts

Candidate Expectations Have Outpaced What Career Sites Offer

It’s not surprising that almost no one enjoys the job search process. Truth be told, the very candidates you’re trying to attract have an evolving set of digital expectations that aren’t being satisfied. When they’re not job searching—i.e. most of their life—they’re using amazing mobile and web technology built by consumer-oriented companies that differentiate themselves […]

Mike Roberts

Candidate Personas 101: What They Are and How to Build Them

candidate persona research

Who’s your ideal candidate? Which social network does she use to look for new jobs? What keeps her up at night? How does she measure success? What’s stopping her from applying to your company? These are all questions recruiters would love the answers to. If only there was a research-backed way to figure them out… […]

Mike Roberts

What Candidates Want from the Recruiting Process (Besides a Job)

recruiting process visiblity

What do you think your candidates really want from the recruiting process? To be hired, of course. But they also want your attention. In a world of increasingly loud voices and unparalleled customization, job seekers expect not just to be heard, but also to get a personalized experience. What’s more, they know there may be […]

Emily Smykal

Candidate Experience Technology Has Reached An Inflection Point

candidate experience technology

People have been talking about the whole lifecycle of candidate experience for quite some time. Heck, there’s even someone many in the industry refer to as “The Godfather of Candidate Experience”—Gerry Crispin. Relatively recently, though, one aspect of the topic has been quickly moving to the forefront of talent acquisition professionals’ minds, and that’s the […]

Mike Roberts

Mobile Recruiting and Chipotle’s Plan to Hire 4,000 Workers In One Day

chipotle recruiting strategy

Not only has Chipotle Mexican Grill become a destination for a quick and quality meal, the fast-casual restaurant chain has also been rising as one of the top places to work in the industry. And after a string of improvements to its benefits for part-time employees and other newsworthy events, Chipotle recently announced plans to […]

Mike Roberts

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