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Recruit Forward: 5 Types of Mobile Candidates You’re (Probably) Missing Out On

mobile recruiting strategy 2017

Candidate expectations are moving faster than candidate experience. Although the number of smartphone users continues to rise sharply around the world, many employers are still offering the same outdated mobile recruiting experience job seekers have been complaining about for years. There was a time when mobile recruiting was considered a nice-to-have, but that time has […]

Ivan Casanova

One Proven Way to Increase Career Site Engagement – Recruit Forward

career site strategy

Considering how important career sites are to the modern candidate journey, talent acquisition teams should be thinking of new and innovative ways to drive more engagement on them. We’ve seen over a quarter billion job seekers pass through the Jibe platform. And when we look at the data, one strategy for boosting career site engagement […]

Ivan Casanova

Recruit Forward: Why Landing Pages Are A Huge Missed Opportunity In Recruiting

landing pages recruiting

There’s a serious disconnect between how employers present their jobs to candidates and how candidates prefer to find those jobs online. The source of that disconnect is search engine optimization, or SEO. The idea behind SEO is to connect users with what their searching for as efficiently as possible. Google has built a billion-dollar empire […]

Ivan Casanova

Recruit Forward: 5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Talent Network

talent networks and marketing

Today’s job seekers are sophisticated. Did you know, 76% of them conduct their own research and due diligence in their job search? The Talent Board showed that more than 3 in 4 candidates are discovering and learning about new opportunities on their own, without the help of a recruiter. The internet has made it significantly […]

Ivan Casanova

Recruit Forward: Why Candidates Are Abandoning Your Applications

job application abandonment

Why do all of the work to get candidates to your career site, only to have them abandon the application mid-way through? This is a tough question to answer. Talent acquisition tends to focus more efforts on the attraction phase in the recruiting funnel than conversion. This happens for a few reasons—a main one being […]

Ivan Casanova

Recruit Forward: Why You Absolutely Need to Revamp Your Career Site Now

If you’ve been reading our blog and watching our Recruit Forward web series, then you know we’ve been advocating for recruiting teams to adopt a more digitally-focused talent acquisition strategy. How you utilize the web as a recruiting asset will dictate your success in 2016 and beyond. What’s interesting is that at the center of […]

Ivan Casanova

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