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Google Cloud Jobs API: Smarter Job Search Using Machine Learning

When it comes to job search, job seekers and employers might as well be speaking two different languages. The job titles and descriptions employers use are fraught with company lingo and not intuitive to job seekers.  This creates a language gap between employers and job seekers. Making this problem worse, the job search on companies’ […]

Joe Essenfeld

3 Ways To Target Passive Candidates With Your Employer Brand

recruiting passive job seekers

There are many reasons why recruiting seems harder today than ever before, but passive job seekers might be the number one cause. These are candidates who are currently employed and not actively looking for a new job, but may be interested if approached with the right opportunity. Many recruiters struggle with trying to attract and […]

Michael Altiero

Recruiting Passive Candidates In The Job Hopping Era

passive candidate recruiting strategies

When we talk about talent acquisition, we typically use the active voice. HR leaders utilize data in the most effective ways. Recruiters pursue the best candidates via the latest technology. Sometimes we even go hunting…for purple squirrels, that is. And while it’s incredibly important for recruiters to stay (pro)active, there is a passive elephant in […]

Emily Smykal

Employer Re-Branding: What to Learn from GE’s Multimillion Dollar Ad Campaign

Wondering what’s the matter with Owen? We are, too, after seeing several commercials featuring an earnest, young software developer named Owen, who has been recruited to work for General Electric, the industrial giant. GE is one of the world’s largest and most well-known brands, and consists of an impressive array of business lines, from manufacturing […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: Attracting the Best Talent with Employer Branding & Social Media

As a talent acquisition professional, it can be really tough to determine where to allot your time and effort. Thankfully, there are tools like employer branding and social media that will aid in attracting passive candidates by building your company’s brand. These four articles provide suggestions on how to attract the best candidates, without burning out […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: Everything You Need to Know about Hiring in the Month of March

Read this weekly round-up of hiring-related articles to learn everything you need to know for a successful recruiting month. First things first, the state of hiring is still strong, and candidates continue to hold the power in the process. So why not re-evaluate some of your tired recruiting techniques? From employer branding to social recruiting […]

Emily Check

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