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Recruit Forward: Why Candidates Are Abandoning Your Applications

job application abandonment

Why do all of the work to get candidates to your career site, only to have them abandon the application mid-way through? This is a tough question to answer. Talent acquisition tends to focus more efforts on the attraction phase in the recruiting funnel than conversion. This happens for a few reasons—a main one being […]

Ivan Casanova

Mobile Candidate Experience: 4 Signs Yours Is Outdated

mobile recruiting best practices

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs said the phone was no longer “just a communication tool but a way of life.” This was an interesting statement to make, because at the time consumer-oriented cellphones were used primarily for calls, texts, and sending pixelated pictures to friends and family. Fast-forward to 2015 and smartphones play a major […]

Mike Roberts

Recruiting Technology Trends 2016: What Employers Should Know

recruiting technology trends 2016

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average now over 18,000 and the NASDAQ capping 5,000 this past Monday, the “Great Recession” continues to become more and more of a distant memory—one that most of us are happy to let fade away. For talent acquisition professionals, this should mean a gradual return back to normalcy. Recent research, […]

Mike Roberts

7 Must-Have Sources for the Top of the (Modern) Hiring Funnel

what is a hiring funnel

The task of identifying, attracting, and engaging talent is in many ways like a consumer-facing aspect of business. As a result, recruiters have to provide candidates an incredible, “consumer-grade” experience to compete for their attention (and resumes). But maintaining that experience over time can be a challenge—especially at the top of the hiring funnel where […]

Mike Roberts

#Mobilegeddon: Why Candidates Aren’t Going to Be Able to Find Your Jobs

applying for a job on a tablet

There’s a lot of buzz—and panic—happening right now in the world of marketing. Earlier this year, Google announced a major algorithm update (dubbed “Mobilegeddon”) that will expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This means that on April 21, 2015, when the changes take place, sites that have been optimized for mobile will […]

Mike Roberts

Why Mobile and Data Are Game Changers for Recruiting

recruiting talks in nyc

Although talent acquisition has a long history in the business realm, the tasks of identifying, attracting, and engaging with talent have changed considerably in the past several years alone. These changes can be largely attributed to technological evolution and disruption on both the recruiting and job-seeking sides of the equation. Mobile is a good example. […]

Mike Roberts

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