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Hiring Seasonal Workers And The Impact of Online Shopping

holiday hiring strategies

Online shopping certainly isn’t new– went live in 1995–but its prevalence among consumers today is unprecedented. And it’s changing retail recruitment as we approach the holiday shopping season. Hiring seasonal workers for the holidays is standard practice among retailers on the ground and online. But the types of seasonal workers retailers need this season, and the […]

Emily Smykal

Retail Recruiting: How to Consistently Convert Hyper-Local Candidates

retail recruiting

Retailers face an interesting challenge when it comes to recruiting. They may have stores across the country—even the globe—but their fate often rests upon their ability to hire local workers for each location. And those local hires need to be consistently high quality, matching the retailer’s values and brand. This challenge is amplified among chains […]

Emily Smykal

What’s Your Purple Squirrel Recruiting Strategy?

purple squirrel recruiting

Venture capitalists and startup investors are always on the hunt for unicorns–new companies soaring past a $1 billion valuation. And recruiters have their own metaphor to match. It’s called a purple squirrel, the perfect candidate that fits every requirement for a job. Not surprisingly, purple squirrels, like unicorns, are incredibly hard to find, let alone […]

Emily Smykal

4 Lessons From A Company That Dramatically Lowered Its Recruiting Costs

job alerts in recruiting

We’re so submerged in awesome technology, shock value from innovations that transform the world seems like it’s becoming more diluted by the day. But figures like a 99.8% reduction in cost-per-applicant are still enough to stop us in our tracks. By embedding job alerts into various sections of their career sites, a growing number of […]

Mike Roberts

8 Ways Job Alerts Will Transform How You Recruit Talent

job alert and notification software

When it comes to talent acquisition IT, many things that were “nice-to-haves” just a few years ago are quickly emerging as “must-haves” today. A seamless mobile apply experience is probably the most well known example of this. But as any recruiter with an eye on the future knows, the topics of job alerts and notification […]

Mike Roberts

Recruitment Marketing: What You Need to Know About Job Alerts

recruitment marketing software

The Internet and mobility have changed everything. Most job seekers are on social media to some degree. They’re almost all using search engines to seek out new opportunities. And applicants have higher digital and mobile expectations than ever before. That said, it’s no surprise recruiters are starting to think and act more like marketers to […]

Mike Roberts

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