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Candidate Expectations Have Outpaced What Career Sites Offer

It’s not surprising that almost no one enjoys the job search process. Truth be told, the very candidates you’re trying to attract have an evolving set of digital expectations that aren’t being satisfied. When they’re not job searching—i.e. most of their life—they’re using amazing mobile and web technology built by consumer-oriented companies that differentiate themselves […]

Mike Roberts

HR Check In: Four HR Industry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

The most successful companies are the ones that are always innovating, and never getting too far behind the rise of technology and changes in the fundamentals of the workplace. To stay ahead of the Human Resources curve, organizations must remain educated on the newest trends that can amplify their HR strategy. Get started with the […]

Emily Check

4 Ways To Use LinkedIn for Recruiting (that Don’t Include InMail)

When you think of recruiting on social networks, you instantly think LinkedIn. The professional social network is arguably the most optimized for recruiting purposes among the small circle of major social network rivals. Still, many companies and recruiters struggle with attracting candidates on LinkedIn—especially in ways beyond sending InMail. There are many factors that play […]

Michael Altiero

Candidate Experience Technology Has Reached An Inflection Point

candidate experience technology

People have been talking about the whole lifecycle of candidate experience for quite some time. Heck, there’s even someone many in the industry refer to as “The Godfather of Candidate Experience”—Gerry Crispin. Relatively recently, though, one aspect of the topic has been quickly moving to the forefront of talent acquisition professionals’ minds, and that’s the […]

Mike Roberts

Hiring Seasonal Workers And The Impact of Online Shopping

holiday hiring strategies

Online shopping certainly isn’t new– went live in 1995–but its prevalence among consumers today is unprecedented. And it’s changing retail recruitment as we approach the holiday shopping season. Hiring seasonal workers for the holidays is standard practice among retailers on the ground and online. But the types of seasonal workers retailers need this season, and the […]

Emily Smykal

5 Consumer Trends Shaping Candidate Experience

consumer trends in recruiting

“We should be treating candidates like they’re consumers.” Lots of recruiters are taking on this mentality, and it’s almost the right approach to talent acquisition—almost right because candidates aren’t like consumers, candidates are consumers. When they’re not searching for jobs, they’re online shopping, tweeting, googling, Uber-ing. They’re using the best technology in the history of […]

Mike Roberts

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