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HR Check In: Getting The Most Out Of Your Hiring Process

Aside from focusing on attracting and hiring the best talent for your business, it’s important to consider your HR strategy from all angles. For example, paying attention to employee engagement and turnover rates can have a significant impact on your overall bottom line. Also, building out a strong onboarding process for managers will help to […]

Emily Check

HubSpot, Snapchat, and How to Not Be So Boring With Your Recruiting

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Over the years, applying for a job has evolved from a strictly paper-based process to a completely digital one. Just because we’re all avid Internet users now, and have probably become comfortable with the idea of applying to jobs online, that doesn’t mean employers should stop innovating and making the process better. But how? Let’s […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: Easy Ways to Enhance the Candidate Experience

This weeks round up of recruiting-related articles all educate the reader on realistic ways to improve the candidate experience and hiring process for job seekers. In today’s growing job market, companies can’t afford to miss the boat on providing an awesome candidate experience. Candidates that are turned off by an outdated application, weak employer brand, […]

Emily Check

5 Employer Branding Mistakes to Stop Making Right Now

Employer branding, simply put, is the way job seekers perceive a company as a place to work. It can be a positive perception or negative perception, or oftentimes a mystery. Tons of recruiters are asking themselves how candidates perceive their company as a place to work, but few are doing anything about it. Of course […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: Your Latest Industry & Regulatory Updates

The HR Industry has been in the spotlight recently, so this week’s HR Check In gathers some updates on hot topics in the news. It includes posts describing the recent jobs report, Fair Labor Standards Act ruling, HR mobile applications, and job posting tips. Go ahead, get educated! 10 Ways To Take Your Job Postings To The Next […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: Everything You Need to Know about Hiring in the Month of March

Read this weekly round-up of hiring-related articles to learn everything you need to know for a successful recruiting month. First things first, the state of hiring is still strong, and candidates continue to hold the power in the process. So why not re-evaluate some of your tired recruiting techniques? From employer branding to social recruiting […]

Emily Check

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