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HR Check In: What’s Trending in the Hiring Process?

Wondering what you need to know to stay on top of your recruitment game? Look no further. This week we’ve gathered four articles that offer refreshing perspectives on a variety of Human Resources topics, including candidate experience, employer brand, and the interview process. 3 More Recruitment Priorities To Focus On (Bounty Jobs) 2016 is right […]

Emily Check

HR Check-In: What Are Recruiters Doing Wrong?

recruiting mistakes

Wondering what your company’s problem is with recruiting top talent? Look no further. This week’s HR Check-In pulls four articles that describe the most common mistakes recruiting organizations make throughout the hiring process. The overwhelmingly common theme: communication is key. Candidates that feel they were kept in the loop, with honest and continuous communication, are […]

Emily Check

The HR Check In: Hiring Funnel Optimization in the Internet Era

Before technology ruled the job search process, recruiters didn’t have to worry as much about change. Now it seems like change is a constant in their world. In order to bring in and develop the best candidates, talent acquisition teams must stay on top of the newest trends in the industry, finding ways to take their […]

Emily Check

7 Must-Have Sources for the Top of the (Modern) Hiring Funnel

what is a hiring funnel

The task of identifying, attracting, and engaging talent is in many ways like a consumer-facing aspect of business. As a result, recruiters have to provide candidates an incredible, “consumer-grade” experience to compete for their attention (and resumes). But maintaining that experience over time can be a challenge—especially at the top of the hiring funnel where […]

Mike Roberts

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