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Why Are More People Working Multiple Jobs?

people with more than one job

More Americans are working multiple jobs than anytime in the past eight years. This movement gained speed just after the 2008–9 recession, but in the past year multiple-job holders have continued to increase, from 7.3 million to 7.8 million: A small percentage of the workforce works two full-time jobs (from 0.27% in 2015 this rose […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

June Jobs Report Brings Good News For Recruiters

june 2016 jobs report

Another month, another jobs report. June’s labor market figures from the BLS were largely positive, a welcome respite from the recent negativity in the global economy. Overall the U.S. jobs market increased by 287,000 new workers in June, and the unemployment rate rose only slightly. Other indicators such as the labor market participation rate and […]

Emily Smykal

Candidate-Driven Job Market: What Recruiters Need to Know in 2016

candidate driven economy

Much has changed since the Great Recession, including the job market. Compared to 2008, or even just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search. High demand for specific skills paired with extensive wait times to fill open positions mean applicants can be more selective about the roles they […]

Emily Smykal

Don’t Miss The Big Picture Behind The Monthly Jobs Reports

monthly job report data from the government

The monthly jobs report from the BLS always generates eager anticipation and exhaustive analysis. Take the figures from March, for example, when employers added 215,000 jobs and the White House announced the longest streak of job gains on record. Commentators quickly described the labor market as “the best-case scenario” and “a Goldilocks scenario” for jobs […]

Emily Smykal

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