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HR Check In: Getting The Most Out Of Your Hiring Process

Aside from focusing on attracting and hiring the best talent for your business, it’s important to consider your HR strategy from all angles. For example, paying attention to employee engagement and turnover rates can have a significant impact on your overall bottom line. Also, building out a strong onboarding process for managers will help to […]

Emily Check

5 Employer Branding Mistakes to Stop Making Right Now

Employer branding, simply put, is the way job seekers perceive a company as a place to work. It can be a positive perception or negative perception, or oftentimes a mystery. Tons of recruiters are asking themselves how candidates perceive their company as a place to work, but few are doing anything about it. Of course […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: 4 Articles To Help Make Your Recruiting Process Awesome

It’s no secret that things have changed in the last couple years. The power of the job seeker has grown exponentially as the economy has improved. Your company’s old school, technologically outdated recruiting process is no longer up to par with job seeker expectations. But don’t worry, there are plenty of cost effective ways to […]

Emily Check

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