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HR Roadmap: The Path Toward Gender Equality in the Workplace for 2017

women equality in the workplace

Society has changed technologically and culturally in such a short time, and yet gender equality in the workplace is still a pressing issue. On average, women get paid less than men, they’re less likely to be promoted, and they have fewer opportunities to accelerate their careers. HR leaders are in a position to monitor, address, […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

Should You Share Diversity & Inclusion Numbers? Google Thinks So

diversity and inclusion in recruiting

Diversity in the workplace is a common topic at an increasing number of businesses. Do our employees reflect our customer base? Are we missing out by hiring based on cultural fit and institutional bias? But now the digital age has pushed the issue to a new, more transparent level. Many journalists and analysts are uncovering […]

Emily Smykal

The Gender Pay Gap Isn’t Just About Discrimination

women and the pay gap

The gender pay gap has been a problem facing women in the workplace for decades, and despite some progress, it’s still a very real issue today. In 1974, women earned just 59% of their male counterparts’ median annual wages. By some calculations, that figure rose to 79% by 2014 (the BLS reports 83%). So it […]

Emily Smykal

Chief Diversity Officer: Do You Really Need to Fill this Position?

chief diversity officer in recruiting

If you work in education or government, you might already be familiar with Chief Diversity Officers. Some Fortune 500 companies have embraced this position, too. But in a typical C-suite, an office dedicated to diversity isn’t yet a mainstay. That may change as demographic shifts and technological progress expose the diversity, or lack thereof, within […]

Emily Smykal

Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Might Not Be The Right Strategy

hiring for cultural fit

Most companies have a personality—a culture—that is recognizable, yet intangible. Differences in the way decisions are made, the way customers are treated, the way employees are promoted—corporate cultures can encompass every aspect of the workplace. So it’s not surprising that the concept of “cultural fit” has become a buzzword among recruiters and senior leaders. Cultural […]

Emily Smykal

Gender Biases In Recruiting: The Case for Considering More Women

women in the workplace data

The U.S. labor market may be bouncing back but men and women seeking jobs across the country find themselves facing very different employment conditions. The value of women in the workplace is largely recognized, but that doesn’t mean women stand an equal chance of landing a job. Despite declining workforce participation among men, and higher […]

Emily Smykal

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