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You Asked, We Answered: 7 Questions Recruiters Have About Career Sites

career site questions

For years now, we’ve been saying companies need to rethink and revamp their approach to career sites. It wasn’t always the case that these recruiting assets were so high on the priority list, but things (especially on the candidate side of the equation) have changed drastically in a short period of time. Now, career sites […]

Mike Roberts

The Future Is Now, How APIs and Machine Learning Can Change Talent Acquisition

Earlier this week in San Francisco, Jibe participated in a Google press event and the launch of new machine learning APIs for the Google Cloud Platform. Specifically for enterprise HR, Google announced its Google Cloud Jobs API which understands which of a company’s jobs best match a jobseeker’s preference. For talent acquisition leaders machine learning […]

Ivan Casanova

Now Google Machine Learning Can Power Your Career Site (No, You’re Not Dreaming)

google cloud jobs api

Career sites, often with outdated user experiences, have been costing employers missed candidates for far too long. That all changes today. This morning marked the official release of Google Cloud Jobs API, a solution that uses machine learning to simplify job search and connect job seekers with better matches on company career sites. We’re happy […]

Mike Roberts

4 (Totally Fixable) Reasons No One’s Visiting Your Career Site

It’s completely normal in today’s world to research each decision we make—most people won’t go out to dinner or see a movie without first reading reviews. The same practice occurs when people are looking for a new job. Today’s candidates are sophisticated and thoughtful. Research shows them using on average 16 different resources to make […]

Mike Roberts

One Proven Way to Increase Career Site Engagement – Recruit Forward

career site strategy

Considering how important career sites are to the modern candidate journey, talent acquisition teams should be thinking of new and innovative ways to drive more engagement on them. We’ve seen over a quarter billion job seekers pass through the Jibe platform. And when we look at the data, one strategy for boosting career site engagement […]

Ivan Casanova

Why It’s Time We Rethink The Importance of Career Sites

career site stats

This scenario happens all too often. A company decides it’s time to redesign its website, so the marketing team hires a creative agency to do it, and the recruiting team has virtually no say in what happens to the career site. If the recruiting team is lucky, maybe they’ll be asked what they want the […]

Mike Roberts

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