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Announcing Jibe ATS Bridge: Here’s How We’re Fixing Candidate Experience

ats integration technology

TL;DR: Gone are the days of ATSs making candidates feel like they’ve been transported back to the early world wide web. You don’t have to be in the recruiting field to know about the outdated look and feel of applicant tracking systems, or ATSs. Although you may not hear candidates ever speak the letters “ATS,” […]

Mike Roberts

Recruiting Best Practices 2016: 5 Ways Employers Can Save Money Over Time

recruiting best practices 2016

As the generation that grew up witnessing and experiencing the world’s digital transformation, Millennials had front row seats to job boards replacing newspaper classifieds. Sites like and forever changed the way people searched for new opportunities and how companies connected with talent in the late ‘90s. Any recruiter in the business during the […]

Mike Roberts

Recruit Forward: Why Candidates Are Abandoning Your Applications

job application abandonment

Why do all of the work to get candidates to your career site, only to have them abandon the application mid-way through? This is a tough question to answer. Talent acquisition tends to focus more efforts on the attraction phase in the recruiting funnel than conversion. This happens for a few reasons—a main one being […]

Ivan Casanova

ATS Apply Flows: Where Candidate Experience Goes To Die

legacy ats apply flow

The largest proportion of today’s workforce—made up by Millennials—grew up using software. Navigating digital technology is essentially engrained in their DNA. But for Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, that wasn’t the case. Those generations had to learn how to use software over the years. And in the past, user experiences had to account for the fact […]

Mike Roberts

7 Ways Your ATS Apply Experience Kills Application Completion Rates

ats tracking

There’s a reason people refer to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as the backbone of recruiting. By automating, centralizing, and standardizing a range of recruitment tracking efforts, it’s proven invaluable to companies of all sizes—especially large ones. But there is a catch: the apply experience provided by most large ATS that job seekers interact with […]

Mike Roberts

ATS Integration: What Recruiting Leaders Need to Know about It

applicant tracking system integration

“Integration” is perhaps one of the most widely used buzzwords in the B2B software community. And it is often the topic of conversation when discussing enterprise solutions, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). With ATS’ in particular, large recruiting organizations tend to have vast legacy deployments, in which they’re heavily invested. Though, the challenge many […]

Boris Kozak

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