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HR Check In: Technology and Analytics in the Workplace

Technology and analytics are two crucial aspects of any successful human resources department. We are constantly seeing the introduction of new technology designed to simplify and improve the way companies recruit, hire, train, and develop their employees. With most new technology comes a complex pile of data and analytics to sort through, which can be […]

Emily Check

Introducing the Data Driven Recruiter

Talent acquisition professionals have entered a new era, using analytics and data to drive informed decision-making and improve how they recruit. But it’s only the beginning, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Here at Jibe, we’ve heard some great success stories about talent acquisition teams using metrics, data, and analytics to […]

Nicole Lindenbaum

#HR #Hashtag #Overload in #NYC

Much of the HR world descended upon New York City last week for a trifecta of “unconference” events that took place. Many of the industry’s top thought leaders, technologists and practitioners were in Gotham for #HRTechTank, #HRU and #truNewYork. This confluence of events brought forth some amazing discussions, provocative ideas and social media buzz. Seriously, […]

Mike Roberts

Geeking Out Over Analytics

The long-standing stereotype of the HR professional has been that he or she is more a ‘people person’ than a ‘numbers person,’ one who shies away from hard data, science and math. While this is somewhat understandable given that ‘human’ is embedded within the very job title itself, it is by long stretches an unfair characterization when looking at the […]

Mike Roberts

When Recruitment Met Marketing

There has been no shortage of content these past few years around the emerging convergence of recruitment and marketing, but 2015 appears to be the year when everyone moves beyond discussion to action on this front. We’re certainly seeing it amongst our client base, and in the increasing demand for ours and similar solutions on […]

Mike Roberts

HR Imperatives #3: Starving for Data

This week on the Jibe Blog we are running a 3-part video series highlighting the key imperatives to take into consideration when surveying the ever-expanding HR and recruiting technology landscape. Today, we look at recruiting analytics in “Starving for Data.”  “It’s very difficult to aggregate this data in the ATS.” — Joe Essenfeld, Jibe CEO  Jibe […]

Mike Roberts

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