Recruiters: Do You Have A Personal Brand?

Recruiters: Do You Have A Personal Brand?

Michael Altiero

Talent acquisition is a difficult job, now more-so than ever. Candidates have more options and technology at their disposal than before, allowing them to finally be in control of the hiring process. This means that recruiters need to go into uncharted territory in order to find and recruit the best talent.

But what if there’s one thing you can do that would not only make your recruiting efforts easier, but also help with career development and growth? Sounds too good to be true, but in fact, it exists! It’s called Personal Branding.

Essentially, it is how you market yourself in the Digital Age. You are the brand, and you treat yourself the same way as any other brand would. But how can that help you as a recruiter? Let’s find out!

Recruiters and Their Personal Brand

By now, you have certainly heard of the importance of Employer Branding and the many benefits it provides to recruiting organizations. Your own personal brand can have similar impacts for your company, but it also helps you.

Having a great personal brand enables you to stand out to candidates, and allows you to connect at a different level with prospective job seekers. Instead of being just another recruiter, you can be seen as a thought leader within the recruiting industry, which can help you connect with and attract candidates.

The other added benefit is that establishing a personal brand is great for your career development and advancement. Companies love to hire people who have a following within their industry, and in the recruitment world, this can mean unlimited potential for your professional growth.

But how can you go about creating an awesome personal brand? These four tips are a great start…

How Recruiters Can Create Their Own Brand

1) Start Blogging!

The most important part of personal branding is having a voice and establishing yourself as an “expert” in your field. Blogging presents one of the best ways to do this (along with social media, which we will get into shortly). While the idea of blogging can sound intimidating, it isn’t that challenging to do in 2016. Creating your own blog (via tools like WordPress, Tumblr, etc.) is easier than ever before, and can be really useful in starting your own brand.

You can also try to guest blog on other sites as well. Whether it is for your company’s HR blog or an industry website, you have plenty of options. Not only will blogging help you establish yourself as a recruiting leader to candidates, but it is also an exceptional way to network with other industry professionals. You’ll feel great when another recruiter shares your blog on their Twitter account.

Which segues nicely into the second way to establish your own brand…

2) Be Active On Social Media

Social media and the digital age go hand-in-hand. Which is why social networks are a key cog in your personal brand. Channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn present the perfect places to share the original content you are creating on your blog, and also share content from other industry and thought leaders.

Social media also allows you to engage and interact directly with job seekers. Each social network enables you to do this in different ways, but having an established brand makes it much easier to start and keep the conversation going.

Being active on social media also helps with establishing and widening the reach of your voice. You’d be surprised how helpful social profiles can be at this.

3) Create Your Own Website

I bet by now you have come across someone who has their own website, a place to explain to anyone on the Internet who they are and what they do. Believe it or not, you, too, should have your own site. Like blogging, this is easier than ever to do.

For example, if you were considering using WordPress as your blogging platform, you can easily set that up as your own website, too! Just add a couple of pages (which WP will walk you through), and before you know it, you have your own site! SquareSpace is super easy to use, too.

The best part about having your own website is that it is yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. This means that you can infuse your personality into it, which I couldn’t recommend more. This is how you end up with a unique and recognizable voice.

4) Think Outside-The-Box and Be Yourself

The most important aspect of Personal Branding is the personal part. You want your brand to be authentic, which means you’ve got to be yourself! Don’t be afraid to be you with your blogs, social media, website, and any other tools that you use.

And speaking of tools, this is where thinking outside of the box comes into play. For example, why not try using alternate social-networks to recruit talent. Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most popular social media platforms, and forward thinking companies are starting to use them effectively to reach candidates they otherwise would have missed.

Being yourself and trying new things are crucial for not only recruiting success, but also for establishing a great personal brand. Always keep that in mind!

Examples Of Talent Acquisition Professionals With Personal Brands

Looking for some inspiration in creating your personal brand? Here are a few talent acquisition professionals who have created their own brands:

What do you think about personal branding for recruiters? Got any tips or tricks? Let me know at @MichaelAltiero.

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