Career Site SEO: Why It’s A Massive Opportunity for Recruiting – Recruit Forward

Career Site SEO: Why It’s A Massive Opportunity for Recruiting – Recruit Forward

Mike Roberts

We’ve grown to expect that when we search for something on Google, we’re presented with exactly the information we need in a matter of milliseconds. Considering that 73% of candidates now start their search on Google, it’s safe to say that expectation has made its way into the job search process. Whether or not it’s being met is a different story.

Too many companies—even some of the world’s biggest brands—have yet to adapt their recruiting strategy to the modern candidate’s Google-first mentality. As a result, when a job seeker looks for a specific job type at a specific company (i.e. “marketing manager jobs xyz company”), few are actually shown results including that company’s career site.

Why? In the past, the concept of career site SEO or Search Engine Optimization has not impacted recruiting performance. That’s changing fast, though. In this month’s Recruit Forward, Ivan explores what you need to know about career site SEO, and why it could be a game-changer for your talent acquisition team.

Recruit Forward: Why Career Site SEO Is A Massive Opportunity

This is our second episode in our new Recruit Forward series. You can find the first here. Tell us what you think about career site SEO by tweeting to @jibe.

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