Recruit Forward: Why Candidates Are Abandoning Your Applications

Recruit Forward: Why Candidates Are Abandoning Your Applications

Ivan Casanova

Why do all of the work to get candidates to your career site, only to have them abandon the application mid-way through? This is a tough question to answer.

Talent acquisition tends to focus more efforts on the attraction phase in the recruiting funnel than conversion. This happens for a few reasons—a main one being that attraction techniques such as social recruiting and creating employer branding content are easier to control and change, whereas adjusting the application process or revamping the apply flow requires considerably more resources and stakeholders. Lots of companies know their application process could be better, but are simply pursuing lower hanging fruit because it’s easier.

In this episode of Recruit Forward, we address the issue of poor online applications head on, and discuss why you might want to move improving it to the top of the priority list.

Your ATS apply flow isn’t going to improve itself. If you’re interested in seeing how yours stacks up against peers, follow the button below and one of our career site specialists will provide you with a complementary career site audit. The audit assesses your entire career site, from how searchable your jobs are on Google through to the apply flow.

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