Recruit Forward: The Evolution of the Candidate Journey

Recruit Forward: The Evolution of the Candidate Journey

Mike Roberts

In a much simpler timearound the turn of the Millenniumthe candidate journey was very straight forward. You might even call it transactional. A typical job seeker would go from a job board to the career site, and then to the apply flow. But today, that journey is much more complex. And we have technology to thank.

Modern job seekers, who happen to also be everyday consumers, use the internet and their mobile phones in nearly all aspects of their lives. Because of brands focused on exceptional user experiences, people have come to expect that quality in everything they do, from buying something on to calling an Uber toyou guessed ittheir job search process.

This is the basis for the new candidate journey. Not many companies are prepared for it, but everyone seems to be thinking about it. Jibe’s SVP of Marketing, Ivan Casanova, dives into why it’s not so straight forward anymore, and how elements of social media, employer branding, search engine optimization, mobile recruiting, nurture marketing, and more must have a role in your recruiting strategy today.

Recruit Forward: The Evolution of the Candidate Journey

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