Recruit Forward: How to Rapidly Improve Your Recruiting Performance

Recruit Forward: How to Rapidly Improve Your Recruiting Performance

Ivan Casanova

Remember learning about the scientific method in middle school? It’s a methodology used to come up with a hypothesis, test it, and then analyze the results in an effort to either prove or disprove your assumptions. In the business world, we use something similar, only we refer to it as the continuous improvement model.

Continuous improvement has a long history in manufacturing, but its principles can be applied to just about any business function. Here, we’ll talk about it in the context of talent acquisition, and how recruiting teams can use the methodology to drive incredible improvements in performance over time.

This month’s episode of Recruit Forward (check out previous episodes here) starts with an overview of the continuous improvement model, and then we’ll share an example of how this way of thinking can be applied to one specific area, like candidate conversions.

I’d just like to highlight and reiterate the takeaways noted at the end of this week’s episode.

Start small, then grow: Even a thousand mile journey begins with a single step. Don’t underestimate the collective value of many—dozens, hundreds, or thousands—small improvements. Continually refining and calibrating something like your apply flow, as discussed in the video, could have a major impact to your performance. Imagine conducting similar types of experiments over and over.

Prioritize: Setting out with the general goal of improving performance can be a daunting task. We suggest making a high-level list of categories that impact your recruiting efforts, as well as those that may not yet impact your efforts but hopefully will in the future. From there, you can drill into each and then pick and choose a few which may stand out as priorities.

Data is key: We can’t really say this enough—none of this works without data. Whether you’re working to improve your candidate conversions, your ability to drive traffic to your career site with employer branding content, the number of people who opt-into your talent network, or anything else, without a way to baseline your initial performance and then measure the impact over time, these exercises are virtually just a shot in the dark.

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