Recruit Forward: How to Make Location Your Secret Weapon In Recruiting

Recruit Forward: How to Make Location Your Secret Weapon In Recruiting

Ivan Casanova

You found the perfect candidate, only she lives 2,500 miles away and has no interest in moving to the east coast. Does that sound familiar? Outside of salary, research shows that location is the most important consideration for candidates during the job search. And yet, most recruiting strategies don’t account for this.

In this episode of Recruit Forward, we discuss the topic of location-based recruitment, starting with some data from Indeed. Then we dig into examples of how people factor location into their decisions, and a few tools recruiters can use to help candidates find the right opportunities wherever they are and drive more conversions.

Location: The Secret Recruiting Weapon You Might Not Know About

It’s worth further discussing the three tools mentioned in the video: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), on-site job search, and job alerts.

These are all very strategic technologies that enable long-term gains in recruiting performance. Why most companies aren’t yet leveraging them is for that very reason, because the gains are long-term.

Recruiters are comfortable running one-off LinkedIn ad campaigns or posting on job boards to fill an immediate need. The problem is, focusing on the short term almost always results in missing out on significant strategic gains over time.

We’re already starting to see more companies break through the barriers of convention in recruiting, deploying some next-generation tools and equipping their recruiters with digitally-focused engagement skills. We expect to see that trend continue at an ever faster pace as we move through 2016.

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