Recruit Forward: 5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Talent Network

Recruit Forward: 5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Talent Network

Ivan Casanova

Today’s job seekers are sophisticated. Did you know, 76% of them conduct their own research and due diligence in their job search? The Talent Board showed that more than 3 in 4 candidates are discovering and learning about new opportunities on their own, without the help of a recruiter. The internet has made it significantly easier to always be on the lookout for a new job.

According to Indeed, 71% of workers admit to active job searching or at least openness to a new opportunity. And 72% of adults keep track of other open jobs in the market, regardless of their current status. In other words, there’s a whole set of passive candidates who are just browsing. The question is, do you have a strategy for capturing that interest in some way?

The world’s leading employers are turning candidate interest into recruiting assets with the use of talent networks. Talent network are essentially an intermediary database or CRM candidates can opt-in to, so they can indicate interest and stay in tune with new opportunities without actually applying. Used effectively, talent networks can transform recruitment marketing efforts and majorly reduce pressure on recruiters.

Getting to the point of transformation requires first growing your talent network. In this episode of Recruit Forward, I discuss what a talent network actually is, and then explore five easy ways you can build your candidate database.

If you’re interested in learning more about talent networks, we recently released a new eBook, The Busy Recruiter’s Guide to Candidate Nurturing. It discusses tips and tricks for building out your talent network and actually fostering a relationship with candidates using nurture marketing techniques.

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