Recruit Forward: 4 Ways You’re Failing Modern Job Seekers

Recruit Forward: 4 Ways You’re Failing Modern Job Seekers

Ivan Casanova

Picture this: your ideal candidate has been working 60-hour weeks for the better part of a year now, and it’s finally starting to get to her. She hasn’t seen her daughter during daylight hours since last summer. And her hiking boots, along with her love for strolling through mountain trails on the weekends might as well not exist anymore.

She’s sitting on the bus ride home, flipping through Facebook, and she comes across some sentimental meme her friend shared about how short life is. It finally hits her—it’s time to stop thinking about getting a new job and actually go out and find one.

What happens immediately following this moment is a series of job-seeking actions including searches on Google, social media, career sites, and review sites. There’s this expectation today’s candidates have that when they initiate their job search—whenever, wherever that may be—companies will be there for them on the web. Unfortunately, more often than not, that’s still not the case.

In this episode of Recruit Forward, we dive into four different ways you might be failing the modern job seeker, and then provide some advice on what to do about it.

Are you meeting your candidates’ digital expectations? There’s a good chance you’re doing well in some areas—perhaps social recruiting—while you’re underperforming in other areas, like maybe your jobs are virtually unsearchable on Google.

Top talent acquisition teams have figured out how to fire on all cylinders across the web, but it’s no easy task. It takes a concerted effort to continually attract and convert modern job seekers.

If you’re interested in learning more about what job seekers expect in 2016, check out our eBook, “The Talent Acquisition Leader’s Guide to the New Candidate Journey.” From recruiting content to SEO, social recruiting, employer branding, and conversion optimization, this eBook dives into what modern leaders should be thinking about.

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