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Improving Candidate Experience for the Job Seekers You Don’t Interview

improving candidate experience

What percentage of candidates who apply for your jobs do you actually interview? If you’re working at a company many people want to work for, that number is probably low. So what do you do with all of those unqualified candidates? You can’t just ignore them. In the words of Carl Buehner, “They may forget […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

The Recruiting Strategy that Will Get You a Promotion In 2017

2017 recruiting strategy

It’s about time we had a talk. We don’t necessarily want to be the ones to ever-so-bluntly say that your recruiting team is misallocating money, time, and other valuable resources. But you’ve left us with few other choices. So here it goes. We recently read a new study from LinkedIn. They surveyed several thousand talent […]

Mike Roberts

Recruit Forward: 5 Types of Mobile Candidates You’re (Probably) Missing Out On

mobile recruiting strategy 2017

Candidate expectations are moving faster than candidate experience. Although the number of smartphone users continues to rise sharply around the world, many employers are still offering the same outdated mobile recruiting experience job seekers have been complaining about for years. There was a time when mobile recruiting was considered a nice-to-have, but that time has […]

Ivan Casanova

4 Social Recruiting Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

social recruiting predictions 2017

For most of its existence, social media has been a taboo subject for recruiting. However, over the last couple of years we have seen social recruitment on the rise. As a matter of fact, some companies even require social media experience for their talent acquisition positions. The main reason for this changing of the guard […]

Michael Altiero

You Asked, We Answered: 7 Questions Recruiters Have About Career Sites

career site questions

For years now, we’ve been saying companies need to rethink and revamp their approach to career sites. It wasn’t always the case that these recruiting assets were so high on the priority list, but things (especially on the candidate side of the equation) have changed drastically in a short period of time. Now, career sites […]

Mike Roberts

Think Candidates Don’t Judge You on Your Glassdoor Rating? Think Again

employer brand strategies

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we discover and learn about new products. Few people walk onto a car lot these days without first conducting deep Internet research on models, prices, and user reviews. In fact, 98% of online shoppers read product reviews before deciding what to buy. Online research is a way to […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

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