One Proven Way to Increase Career Site Engagement – Recruit Forward

One Proven Way to Increase Career Site Engagement – Recruit Forward

Ivan Casanova

Considering how important career sites are to the modern candidate journey, talent acquisition teams should be thinking of new and innovative ways to drive more engagement on them. We’ve seen over a quarter billion job seekers pass through the Jibe platform. And when we look at the data, one strategy for boosting career site engagement stands out above the rest: put job search front and center.

When job search is predominantly displayed on a career site homepage, job seekers are significantly more likely to interact with it. In contrast, when it’s hidden away, often behind a link that directs job seekers to the legacy ATS, engagement rates plummet.

In this episode of Recruit Forward, we dig into exactly what you need to know about the role of on-site job search in improving career site engagement.

Note: If you’re interested in experimenting with the placement of the job search bar on your career site, it’s important that you baseline your current performance. Make sure to take a snapshot of the before and after metrics, so you can see the impact.

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