One (Crucial) Part of the Recruiting Experience You’re Overlooking

One (Crucial) Part of the Recruiting Experience You’re Overlooking

Michael Altiero

If there’s one thing that’s for sure in the recruiting world these days it’s that job seeker behavior is changing. The digital age has given people more information and freedom than any other time. But what does this mean for talent acquisition?

An area of recruiting that seems to get forgotten is that candidates, whether you like it or not, talk. You can bet that today’s candidates will share their experiences with friends. And they will also share their experiences with complete strangers, thanks to the power of social media and the internet.

However, this era of sharing presents organizations with an opportunity to stand out from the competition by providing candidates with great experiences during the hiring process. Research from the Talent Board shows that 8 in 10 candidates will share their positive experiences with their inner circle. This can be a game-changer for recruiting teams.

The Rise Of Sharing: What It Means in 2016

The idea of sharing has changed dramatically with the internet and the introduction of social media. Where 20 years ago you had to call a 1-800 number to complain about a poor experience (and probably never get through!), consumers and job seekers have an unlimited number of avenues to vent their frustrations OR share their wonderful experiences.

Just think of the last time you had a poor experience at a restaurant, you probably at least thought about sharing something about it on Facebook or writing a Yelp review. Doing so is partially for the sake of venting, but also because you want to help others avoid having the same poor experience.

Talent acquisition leaders must recognize this changing of the guard and the implications (both positive and negative) sharing can have on their recruiting strategy.

The Likelihood Candidates Will Discuss Recruiting Experiences

Data from the Talent Board sheds light on candidate behavior when it comes to sharing recruiting experiences. They break it down by the likelihood of sharing experiences with your inner circle and also publicly (Glassdoor, Social Media, etc.).

67% of candidates surveyed said they would likely or definitely share a negative experience with their inner circle. Meanwhile, 80% said they would share a positive experience. People generally have greater influence within their circle of friends/family. If your positive experience results in people referring others to apply, it makes your job as a recruiter that much easier.

Now let’s take a look at public sharing. 33% of candidates surveyed said they would likely or definitely share a negative recruiting experience. On the flip side, almost 50% of candidates said they would publicly share positive experiences. These are both startling numbers for your brand. Really take a moment to think about how these numbers can impact your recruiting efforts.

The Mounting Costs Of A Poor Candidate Experience

The quality of your hiring process can impact many areas of your company, even outside of HR. A recent survey from SoftwareAdvice showed that after having a negative experience, 42% of candidates would likely stop buying that company’s products/services. Also, 33% of candidates would likely tell others not to buy that company’s products.

As Jerry Seinfeld once said “That’s not going to be good for anybody.”

The best way to provide a great experience for your candidates (and avoid these ugly scenarios!) is to get a better understand of your hiring process. When was the last time you actually went through your job application? Do you know how long it takes? Is your application mobile-friendly?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself and bringing up to your team. And always remember, a great candidate experience goes a long way. You could have a major impact on not just your hiring performance, but also the performance of the broader organization.

Interested in candidate experience? We’ve got some tips from “The Godfather” of candidate experience himself, Gerry Crispin. In this eBook, we recap Gerry’s five key elements of an exceptional candidate experience.

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