Moving HR Technology Forward One Bit After Another

Moving HR Technology Forward One Bit After Another

Mike Roberts

Being successful in the world of HR technology requires both an understanding of what’s happening today and a constant eye on the future. This was the topic of conversation between Jibe’s SVP of Marketing, Ivan Casanova, and TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland as part of TechnologyAdvice’s TA Expert Interview Podcast Series.

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Conducted mostly right on the HRTech conference floor, the TA Expert Interview Podcast Series showcases thought leaders in their respective categories of business technology, including project management, CRM, Marketing Automation, HR Software, Medical Software and more.

Check out the 11 minute interview below, and don’t forget to look through the rest of the TA Expert Interview Podcast Series.

TA Expert Interviews: Moving HR Technology Forward

We loved the whole conversation with Josh Bland, but two questions we wanted to highlight in particular are below:

Josh Bland: What are some of the biggest themes at HRTech this year?

Ivan Casanova: I think companies are starting to move beyond the whole idea of driving more traffic or getting more applications. I think now what they’re really trying to figure out is: Who’s the right fit for the right job? How can I present the right job to the candidate when he comes to our career site? How can I connect that candidate back to our recruiters? The whole notion of signal-to-noise ratio and figuring that out and using data to help you do that, I think that’s really one of the more interesting things I heard this week and one of the more interesting areas where companies are going to be investing over the near term.

Josh Bland: What do you think we’ll be talking about at HRTech in 2020?

Ivan Casanova: In 2020, I think we’ll see much more of the marriage of HR and recruiting technology acting and feeling like proactive digital marketing is today. The experiences people get on the web is awesome. I love the fact that when I login to Amazon I get products that they think I might like based on my buying pattern. And they’ve done all of the math and worked all of the algorithms to present stuff to me. Why can’t career sites work the same way? I think in 2020, we’ll see mass adoption of personalization on career sites, so that when people hit your site, you present the right job for them based on their behavior or how many times they came to your site or where they came from. I think that’s what we’ll be talking about in 2020.

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