Key Takeaways from TalentNet Interactive 2015

Key Takeaways from TalentNet Interactive 2015

Nicole Lindenbaum

talentnet conferneceThis past Friday, I had the opportunity to travel to Austin, TX for TalentNet Interactive, organized by Craig Fisher of fisher VISTA. TalentNet is a conference that brings together the leaders in the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. Practitioners, analysts, and industry bloggers alike, we spent the day in incredibly informative sessions, sharing ideas and insights from across the recruiting industry.

In this post, I’ll share a few key takeaways from the conference, and what recruiting professionals should be thinking about as we head into Q2 of 2015.

Highlights from the Conference

We started the morning with an introduction by a few members at Whole Foods, our host for the day. They spoke about career paths and having a passion for the work you do.

Next, we heard from Dat Ngyuen, which was a big highlight of the conference for me. Dat Ngyuen was the first Vietnamese-American to play in the NFL. He spoke about what it was like to be recruited for college, which held a lot of parallels for the recruiters in the room (you can never get enough sports metaphors!). Nguyen also discussed his mentors, developing a personal brand, and how to proactively manage a career. It was a really insightful session.

Later in the day, we heard from Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads, who discussed some findings from the 2014 CandEs Awards data that Talent Board recently released. Crispin explained that we can take the learnings from this data and apply it to how organizations recruit moving forward, fine-tuning processes and optimizing talent acquisition.

He said, “I think data is how we’re going to be running our businesses from now on, in terms of recruiting.”

Focusing On the Power of Data

There were some questions throughout the day about how real the data-driven recruiter is. Surely we are at the beginning of the era of data-driven recruiting, so it can be hard to find examples and standards. Yet, if talent acquisition isn’t trending toward analytics in decision making, then who cares what 95,000 candidates surveyed think? Why did 200 companies participate in the CandEs?

Clearly there is an interest in and a desire for this information. I think one of the challenges to adoption is that companies often don’t know where to start with analytics. But there was a time when other business functions didn’t rely on data—think about how marketers who historically ran print advertising now live and die by website numbers. It doesn’t mean they weren’t hungry for data, it just took a while to get started.

I think we are at the beginning of that frontier for talent acquisition, and eventually our industry will make data-driven decisions to optimize and improve how recruiting is done. My colleague here at Jibe, Mike Roberts, just published an article on this topic—how recruiting is no exception in the data-driven era.

Analytics in recruiting is still in its infancy, and widespread adoption is still down the road a bit. But it’s important to start developing a strategy now now, and even executing on that strategy where possible. Just think of the advantage you will gain.
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