Introducing the Data Driven Recruiter

Introducing the Data Driven Recruiter

Nicole Lindenbaum

Talent acquisition professionals have entered a new era, using analytics and data to drive informed decision-making and improve how they recruit. But it’s only the beginning, and it can be challenging to know where to start.

Here at Jibe, we’ve heard some great success stories about talent acquisition teams using metrics, data, and analytics to make an impact at their organizations. But we’ve heard just as many stories of teams struggling to figure out where to start, what to measure, how to measure – and let’s be real, numbers can be scary if you aren’t used to them. We decided to pool together the best resources possible – industry thought leaders, success stories from the front lines of recruiting, research from analysts, etc. – into one place. We’d like to introduce you to the Data Driven Recruiter.

The Data Driven Recruiter (or DDR) is a new content hub that shares insight from recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, industry analysts, and thought leaders. The stories, experiences, and best practices shared on DDR illustrate how recruiters can use data to measure and achieve goals.

We hope you find DDR a valuable resource and return often. Maybe you’ll even share your own success story on DDR! Keep up with all the action by following @RecruitDDR and #RecruitWithData on Twitter.
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