Instagram: A Powerful Tool For Recruiters (And Employer Brand)

Instagram: A Powerful Tool For Recruiters (And Employer Brand)

Michael Altiero

For today’s recruiters, gaining an edge over the competition is extremely important. As we have written before, power is shifting to candidates when it comes to the job search, and with this change recruiters need to adapt.

One way those in talent acquisition have began to change their strategy is to meet candidates (especially millennials) on their own turf: social media. Social recruiting is an interesting topic within HR circles, with some professing its success, and others continually saying it’s a waste of time.

One social media platform is growing at an unprecedented pace, especially among younger people. That’s, of course, Instagram. And this social network provides recruiters with plenty of chances to connect with and draw in potential candidates.

Why Instagram?

With over 400 million monthly active users, there is no denying the impact that Instagram is having in the social sphere. But why should recruiters care about it? We asked Katrina Collier, Chief Searchologist at The Searchologist and social recruiting expert.

“I am a Twitter addict so when I was speaking in Romania recently I was shocked to discover that only one person in the room was on Twitter – they were all on Instagram. I do love Instagram because it’s the fastest growing social network with over 400 million buzzing users. It’s great for sourcing all sorts of people, for keeping in touch, and for showing off a sneak peek into your company.”

A key thing that Katrina mentions is that you can provide sneak peeks into your company. In other words, it’s an employer branding GOLDMINE. This is where Instagram offers recruiters (and companies) the most benefits.

Social Recruiting, Instagram, and Employer Branding

If you are new to Instagram or have never used it before, you are probably wondering how this social network can be useful for employer branding. In today’s digital age, employer brand is more important than ever. As I mentioned in a previous post, job seekers expect to see your employer brand spread across your social channels and Instagram is the perfect place to show it off.

Whether it is pictures of company outings, videos of office ping-pong tournaments, or anything in between, Instagram offers endless opportunities for the creative social recruiter.

Instagram also provides you, as a recruiter, to appear as human by sharing pictures of yourself outside of work, which is especially powerful for showing off your company’s work-life balance.

How To Get Started with Instagram for Recruiting

As with any social network, you have to get started somewhere. Katrina provides the following tips for Instagram:

“It’s a lot like Twitter, just using images. Hashtags are crucial for being found and finding other people. I suggest using the same user name as you do for Twitter, filling out your bio so you can be found, and sharing photos that show you’re human, recruitment is a people business after all.”

On top of that, there are plenty of articles out there that provide tips for recruiters who want to incorporate Instagram into their recruiting strategy. Luckily, one of those articles was written by Katrina herself. Check out the post on her new blog.

Instagramming Your Way To A Great Employer Brand

Instagram is a great recruiting and employer branding tool. But like many other social networks, just using this alone will not give you the results you are looking for. Instead, try combining a few social media platforms into your strategy, as each provides its own unique opportunities to reach and engage with job seekers.

If you are having any troubles with getting started on Instagram, or have questions in general about social media and recruiting, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@MichaelAltiero) or Instagram (@maltiero)!

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