ICYMI Monday: Welcome Back

ICYMI Monday: Welcome Back

Mike Roberts

This is a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

It’s graduation time, which means another wave of bright-eyed, aspiring professionals will be entering the workforce. And their expectations are high when it comes to searching and applying for jobs. Today’s job seeker is mobile, more technologically savvy then ever before, and expects the same of their potential employers. A slightly less tech savvy group of fictional graduates, the Sweathogs, entered the workforce on this day back in 1979, when the final episode of Welcome Back Kotter aired. I’m not sure if any of them went on to college, or ever became gainfully employed… but at some point, they all must’ve been job seekers, right?

Of course, they probably didn’t have quite the tools today’s job seekers have – no mobile phones, no social networks – but even the Sweathogs were surely turned away by a bad candidate experience. If it was even remotely important than, it is absolutely essential now to offer a strong employer brand and an optimal application experience. The Sweathogs may not have cared so much, but today’s graduates are no Sweathogs.

Congrats to all the new grads and job seekers. Now let’s get on with this week’s stories.

  • Mobile Recruiting Increasingly Essential, Especially for Millenials, Consultant Says
    Speaking of new grads, Martin Berman-Gorvine summarizes a webinar on mobile expectations of millennials recently hosted by the Talent Function’s Elaine Orler on Bloomberg BNA. Says Orler, “This is a fully connected generation. They would rather lose their wallet then lose their phone. They would rather not have access to a car for a week than not have access to a phone.”
  • Weak Mobile Strategies Leave Recruiters Struggling to Fill Jobs
    Striking a similar note over on Forbes, Kathryn Dill reports on a study released last week by ADP that highlights the disconnect between today’s job seekers – millenials or otherwise – and recruiting professionals. One point that stands out: Nearly half of recruiters surveyed feel as though current methods for engaging and tracking candidates is sufficient, while only 16% of job seekers agree.
  • Study Shows Disparity in How Recruiters, Jobseekers View Social Media Sites
    The ADP study was also covered by HR.BLR, with the chasm between recruiters and job seekers highlighted once again. In terms of providing an unified, end-to-end talent acquisition process, only 30 percent of recruiters said that effort was up to par. Of that, ADP’s Tony Marzulli said, “Creating a unified recruiting solution to bring together people, technology and the recruiting process would help recruiters to be more effective at finding the best available talent while increasing their own satisfaction and that of job seekers.”
  • Going Forward
    Skipping across the pond, Peter Cools from HR Magazine covers talent management’s shift from “art to science” over the past 10 years. Cools uses a recent survey of more than 350 HR leaders from Towers Watson as a basis for the article, which revealed that more than 75 percent would either maintain or increase their existing investment in HR technology.

This week’s round-up once again confirms that we still have work to do in order to avoid candidates like Vinnie Barbarino saying “up your nose with a rubber hose.”  We’re working on it. And boy, am I ever showing my age…

If you come across something you think deserves some extra attention during the week, leave a note in the comments or hunt us down on Twitter @JibePR.

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