ICYMI Monday: We Have Lift Off

ICYMI Monday: We Have Lift Off

Mike Roberts

This is a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

We’re not going back in time nearly as far as we usually do in our Monday round-up, in fact we’re not even leaving this millennium. On this day in 2001, American multimillionaire Dennis Tito became the first ever “space tourist”, blasting off aboard the Soyuz TM-32 mission with Russian cosmonauts. He spent nearly 8 days in space, orbited the Earth 128 times and took several “selfies,” including the one below. Tito had originally hoped to travel with US astronauts, but NASA balked at the notion so he hooked up with the Russians and went on to make history, and gain some good publicity for the Russian space program. Sometimes, a “hiring risk” can pay off.

Before rocketing into orbit, Tito was an early practitioner of “Big Data,” applying advanced quantitative analytics to analyze market risks for customers of his investment management firm, Wilshire Associates. The financial services industry was one of the first private fields to adopt advanced analytics, which are now standard practice across the institutional finance landscape. Analytics and Big Data have come a long way since, now being applied in all facets of business and daily life, including HR and recruiting.

So, will applying analytics to your recruiting practice end up sending you into space? Probably not. But it will certainly help you hire faster, better and more strategically. And with that in mind, let’s blast off into this week’s stories, many of which coincidentally have an analytics tie. Imagine that.

  • In-house Recruiting Survey Unveiled at ERE Conference
    As we make our way back from last week’s Spring ERE Conference & Expo, the findings from ERE’s annual in-house recruiting survey are probably ringing collectively through our heads. In this piece, John Zappe summarizes ERE CEO Ron Mester’s opening keynote from the show, which revealed some of the high-level findings from this year’s survey. The results are illuminating, and shine a light on some of the contradictions many perceive within their organizations recruiting and hiring practices. We look forward to the full results, which will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • I Heard it in the Halls of the ERE Recruiting Conference
    We’ll stay in San Diego for the ERE Conference one more time. In this piece, ERE editor Todd Raphael rounds up a potpourri of things he heard and learned as made his way through the show. Included here is a note about Jibe and our focus extending well beyond mobile recruiting, where we first made our name. And yes, as Todd indicates, our award-winning Recruiting Analytics solution is now a big part of our complete recruitment marketing platform, and our customers are using it to apply greater strategic insight and maximize efficiencies in their recruiting operations.
  • What is the Future of Recruiting?
    While at ERE, we had the pleasure of meeting with Constellation Research’s Holger Mueller and showed him our Recruiting Analytics solution. Prior to the show, Holger posted this great piece about his views on how technology will change the recruiting landscape for the better, empowering talent acquisition teams to more easily utilize big data, analytics, social media and more. Check it out.
  • Getting HR Data Right is Key to Leveraging Latest HR Technologies
    Alright, so you’re convinced that data and analytics are an integral part of recruiting and HR’s future. But what do you do about it? Well, Julia Mench offered some good insight over at Workforce into perhaps the most crucial element – ensuring the data is accurate. The gist? You can implement the latest and best solutions to bring analytics into your recruiting mix, but if the underlying data isn’t up to snuff, it’ll all be for naught.

Now that we’ve orbited around the HR analytics stratosphere, we’re going to come back down to Earth and wrap this week’s post up. Have a great week everyone.

If you come across something you think deserves some extra attention during the week, leave a note in the comments or hunt us down on Twitter @JibePR.

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