ICYMI Monday: Rock ‘n Roll is Here to Stay

ICYMI Monday: Rock ‘n Roll is Here to Stay

Mike Roberts

This is a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed.

As always, we kick off ICYMI Monday with a look back at this day in history. Does this ride in the wayback machine have anything to do with recruiting? Not usually. Technology? Maybe. Mostly though, it’s just a different and fun way to start things off before we dive into the meat of the post. So, on this day in 1951, rock ‘n roll was arguably born with the recording of what many consider to be the first-ever rock ‘n roll record, Rocket 88, by Jackie Breston & The Delta Cats.

We’re fans of progressive moves and innovation, so the fact that this record altered and changed the course of music history (for the better) fits nicely with our mission here at Jibe. And yes, that’s Ike Turner at bottom left… but we’ll leave that aside as he was clearly a proponent of bullying in the workplace. And we don’t like that. But hey, rock ‘n roll!!

Ok, enough of that. Let’s get to the articles, yeah?

  • The Bell Tolls for Old HR and Recruiting Processes
    Over at ZDNet, Brian Sommer of TechVentive rightly sees Workday’s acquisition of Identified as a signal for the end of outdated recruiting practices and methodology. As we’ve argued here before, today’s technologies can increase efficiencies without sacrificing the candidate or recruiter experience.
  • 5 Trends Driving HR Technology in 2014
    Meghan Biro, founder of TalentCulture, shares her always informed thoughts on Forbes about what trends in HR technology – analytics, mobile and global talent pools included – are keeping her warm through this brutal winter.
  • Understanding What Mobile Job Seekers Want From Companies
    After speaking about mobile recruiting at the Recruitment Agency Expo across the pond last week, Mike Taylor from WBR spoke with Charlette. Who is Charlette? She’s a job seeker, and she’s a mobile one. And she’s frustrated at the apply experience she encounters a majority of the time. We’re with you Charlette, and we’re doing what we can to change things. Check out our interviews with mobile job seekers here.
  • 5 Observations from a Marketer Who Attended SourceCon
    How can we not include our own Nicole Lindenbaum’s account of her experience at SourceCon 2014 in our weekly round-up? Check out what she discovered (and danced to) in Atlanta earlier this month.

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