ICYMI Monday: Recruiting Pioneers

ICYMI Monday: Recruiting Pioneers

Mike Roberts

This is a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

Before we get to this week’s articles, let’s take a look at what celebrated American explorers Lewis and Clark we’re up to on this day in 1805. Believe it or not, they we’re actually recruiting, at least in some senses of the word. They were also thawing out. After a brutal winter spent hunkered down at Fort Mandan in current-day North Dakota, Lewis and Clark broke camp and resumed their journey west. They did so with a few new, extremely valuable members on their team, including Sacagawea, who acted as guide and interpreter for the remainder of the trip.

That’s a recruiting win that made the history books. Pretty impressive. With that in mind, let’s get to the present day and this week’s stories.

  • Good HR Tech Always Makes For a Happy Employee
    Over at TLNT, Craig Bryant takes a look at how good HR technology can have a positive impact on an entire organization. At Jibe, we’re huge believers in the importance of offering an optimal user experience and agree wholeheartedly with Craig’s assertions. That positive user experience should begin with a firm’s recruiting technology, to offer an optimal candidate experience and strengthen the employer brand.
  • The Analytics Takeover Won’t Always Be Pretty
    HR technology guru Steve Boese draws parallels between the NBA’s embrace of data and analytics to guide executive and management hiring to the changing set of skills required for HR executives. (we’re suckers for any posts that link HR and sports… can you tell?)
  • HR “Will Die in its Current Form”, says HR Technology Expert
    HR Magazine spoke with Jason Averbook from Appirio about comments he made at the HR Tech Europe Conference regarding the “death” of HR as we know it. In the article, Averbook talks about HR’s need to embrace data and analytics and share the stories that data tells with the rest of the organization in order to continue providing real, tangible value. Bill Goodwin from Computer Weekly also wrote about Averbook’s comments and the future of HR here.
  • Welcome to Big Data Week!
    Speaking of data, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include mention of Big Data Week, which is underway over at Blogging4Jobs. Throughout the week, which Jibe is sponsoring, the site will be publishing nearly 30 articles from experts across the industry on the subject of data and analytics in HR and recruiting. The week will also feature a Twitter chat on the subject on Thursday 4/10, and extends into next week with the “What’s the Big Deal with Big Data?” webinar on Thursday 4/17.

Much like Lewis and Clark (and Sacagawea) when they finally reached the Pacific, we’ve come to the end of this week’s ICYMI post. If you come across something you think deserves some extra attention during the week, leave a note in the comments.

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