ICYMI Monday: Getting Your Fill

ICYMI Monday: Getting Your Fill

Mike Roberts

This is a regular feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

No, the title of this week’s news round-up doesn’t refer to the Thanksgiving “fill” we hope you all enjoyed this past weekend, but rather to how business has historically adapted to an increasingly mobile world. On this day in 1913, the country’s first ever “filling station” opened in Pittsburgh. As the automobile continued its rise in popularity, Americans were embracing a dramatic shift in lifestyle as they could suddenly take to the road and explore the world like never before. The Gulf Refinery Company recognized that an increasingly ‘on the go’ citizenry needed an easy way to fuel up and keep moving, and so it opened the nation’s first gas station on Baum & St. Clair in the heart of Steeltown, USA. These days, the “mobile world” business is adapting to has little to do with the open road but rather the now definitive device-of-choice amongst consumers and job seekers alike: the smartphone.


At the advent of the automobile, businesses quickly scrambled to open drive-through conveniences to appeal to and attract the newly mobile customer. Today, businesses are doing the same, whether that be making it easy to shop from your phone on this Cyber Monday, or enabling job seekers to apply for positions from their devices. As we’ve covered extensively here, there’s still much work to be done in this regard… but I’m sure that first filling station in Pittsburgh wasn’t operating at peak efficiency in its earliest days either. We’re on the road, and that’s what matters most. Let’s check in on the news of the week.

  • Candidate Experience: The Curious Case of the Missing Metrics
    We begin this week with Matt Charney over at Recruiting Daily, who drills down on the dreaded ‘Big Data’ buzzword still permeating the talent acquisition landscape. As Matt points out, before wading into the sea of big data, “you’ve got to get your head around what matters to know what’s worth measuring.” In other words, start with the basics.
  • Why You Gotta Be So Rude? The Case for Recruiters to Use a CRM
    Let’s stay with Recruiting Daily for our 2nd story this week. In this one, Katrina Kibben similarly explores the continued blurring of the lines between recruitment and marketing, making the case for the adoption of modern CRM tools to improve the candidate experience.
  • Investors Are Backing A Recruiting Revolution Over at TechCrunch, Crunchbase editor Christine Magee posted a piece about the flood of VC money pouring into the recruiting software space and the reasons why. With hiring top talent more competitive than ever, the race to fix outdated and inefficient processes in talent acquisition is most certainly on.
  • Some Hard Lessons from Las Vegas
    And finally, one more round-up from October’s HR Technology Conference. In this one from HR Executive Online, former SHRM president and CEO Sue Meisinger recounts her experience in Vegas. For her, the (slow) march toward analytics adoption in HR took center stage.

With that, we’ve come to the end of the road for this week’s wrap up. Hope everyone had a fantastic and fulfilling Thanksgiving. See you next week.

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