ICYMI Monday: Erin Go Mobile

ICYMI Monday: Erin Go Mobile

Mike Roberts

This is a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

Well, if Erin were a job seeker today, she would surely be mobile because, as we know, the majority of today’s candidates are. Because we’ll take any excuse to get a cheap pun out of our headline like that, there was no way this Monday’s post would be about anything other than St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, It was on this day many, many years ago – 461 A.D. to be exact — that St. Patrick died, setting the stage for him to become immortalized as the patron saint of Ireland. Today, most people celebrate by drinking a lot of unnaturally green beer. Not sure what Patrick would make of that.

Oh, you’re here to read about recruiting technology? Ok, we can do that too. Let’s get to it.

  • Talent Board Reveals 2013 Candidate Experience Research
    As we’ve made clear before, we are big believers here at Jibe in the importance of candidate experience and the role that technology can and does play in optimizing and improving the hiring process. Last week, the Talent Board released its much-anticipated 2013 Candidate Experience research reporting the findings from its annual survey of more than 46,000 candidates who applied for positions at 122 companies. Once again, the research underscores the notion that presenting candidates with a positive experience is essential to maintaining a strong employment brand and strengthening an employer’s overall recruitment network. You can dig into the full results by downloading the free eBook here, and get involved in the 2014 here.
  • Making Moneyball Work
    As baseball season draws near, the ‘Moneyball’ parallel as it relates to data-driven recruiting and HR will likely see even more play than usual. In this piece on ERE.net, Raghav Singh breaks down some of the vague notions around the real-world applicability of the Moneyball approach when it comes to hiring. While we likely won’t see the exact same parallels play out, there is no doubt that data and analytics can yield truly strategic recruiting if applied and used correctly. We have the data, and we have the technology, which means we can move beyond our guts to improve how we hire.
  • Creativity is Key to Saving Jobs From Becoming “Robotized”
    Yet another of our favorite themes here at Jibe, that old “the robots are going to take our jobs!” chestnut. Over at Blogging4Jobs, Mike Haberman takes a look at the dystopia vs. utopia views on this, opting as we do for the notion that technology will ultimately be beneficial for all, freeing us up from the mundane to pursue the more creative and fulfilling components of our job.
  • When Companies Stop Innovating
    Over at HR Examiner, Heather Bussing takes a look at the connection between companies filing trademark and copyright lawsuits and those that cease innovating as they grow up. Good points and a reminder that no matter how big you get, you should never stop innovating.

That’s it for this week’s ICYMI Monday. But before we go, another quick mention of of two items from last week that we’re really excited about here at Jibe. First, as revealed when the early details of the program were released, we’re already gearing up for October’s HR Technology Conference, getting ready to take the stage with our amazing client partner, Comcast, to share our mobile recruiting story. And we were honored to be named one of only 15 “HR Companies to Watch in 2014” in Larocque’s annual #HRwins program. Let’s go celebrate with green beer!

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