ICYMI Monday: Do You Believe in Miracles?

ICYMI Monday: Do You Believe in Miracles?

Mike Roberts

This is the first in a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed.

I’m a bit of an “On This Day” nerd*, so to kick off this feature every week we’ll highlight something from this day in history to get things started. For this first edition, nothing could cure our hockey hangover from last week’s collective US fade at the Sochi Games than realizing that 34 years ago today, the Americans completed their “Miracle On Ice” by beating Finland for Olympic Gold. Ahhhh, memories.

See, don’t you feel a little better now? If only the curling team could achieve such heights. Let’s get to the articles, shall we?

  • 76% of Job Seekers Prefer to Apply Through Career Site
    First up, Blogging4Jobs.com had the exclusive reveal of results from the annual Online Talent Communication survey from Potentialpark. Some very interesting findings in this year’s survey, including the fact that “complicated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) result in a dropout rate of 48% of applicants.” That’s a ton of lost talent there.
  • Moneyball and Recruiting: The Future of Hiring or Pie in the Sky?
    The oft-used “Moneyball” analogy (don’t worry, we’re guilty of it too) cropped up again in a piece by Raghav Singh over at ERE.net. In the article, Raghav takes a look at whether the data-based approach to finding top talent that’s now the norm in baseball will ever be applicable to the corporate hiring world. While we may never see a purely statistical approach to hiring, big data and analytics will surely play an increasingly important role. (Also, is it baseball season yet??)
  • Saving the Dry, Lifeless Soul of Enterprise Software
    ZDNet contributor Michael Krigsman recaps his latest “CxO Talk”, an interesting discussion between three top tech analysts about the shifting nature of enterprise technology, and the need to take lessons from the consumer side about user experience. As we’ve explored here before, we at Jibe whole-heartedly agree when it comes to enterprise recruiting technology.
  • Get Your Sourcing Questions Answered
    At last week’s SourceCon show in Atlanta, the sourcecon.qa site was revealed, a helpful resource for sourcers and other recruiting professionals to share knowledge with one another. In this post, ERE’s @ToddRaphael provides a quick rundown and some useful links to get you started. (Jibe was at SourceCon as well, and we’ll share our experience here on the blog later this week)

* notice I didn’t refer to myself as a “History” nerd… that would imply knowledge far beyond my quick glance at Wikipedia.

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