ICYMI Monday: Cool Breeze, Willis

ICYMI Monday: Cool Breeze, Willis

Mike Roberts

This is a regular weekly feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

So, how’s everyone’s summer? Getting hot? Thankful for your air conditioning? If so, then today’s time travel is for you. On this day in 1902, in Buffalo, NY (that hotbed of summer swelter), Willis Carrier created the first ever air conditioner, thank goodness. Now let’s be honest, there’s no real easy way to link that to today’s trends in recruitment technology except to say that the summer job search would be even more intolerable if not for Mr. Carrier.

  • Survey Shows Direction of HR: Technology, Hiring, Strategy
    Hey, look at that, the future is all about strategic recruiting and technology… surprise! This report from Paul Petrone over on Business2Community details results from the recently released annual SHRM survey.
  • Survey Says That Candidates Are Now Driving the Job Market
    Another reason why improving the candidate experience matters more now than ever can be found in this piece from John Zappe over at TLNT. In it, John details the findings from MRI Network’s semi-annual Recruiter Sentiment Study, which revealed that companies today are not aligning their hiring practices with the expectations of today’s job seekers. What does that mean? It means the best candidates, the ones who you want, are moving on at the first sign of frustration. That’s no way to win the so-called ‘War for Talent.
  • Hey Big Data, I’m Just Trying to do My Job
    Love this. Fistful of Talent’s Holland Dombeck recounts her days in customer service and reconsiders the general consensus about that Comcast customer service call that went viral last week. As Holland points out, the Comcast rep was under pressure to hit his numbers, which is fair motivation for his behavior on this call. And therein lies the inherent problem of data for data’s sake, and why “we hate big data” here at Jibe. Holland hits the nail on the head in her call to resist the big data temptation and instead strive for relevant data that provides meaningful insight.
  • Big Data, Big Problems: Why Relevant Data Matters Most
    Along similar lines, Matt Charney recounts his conversation with Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld in this post, which includes a short video interview, over on RecruitingDaily.com.

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Until next week, stay cool!

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