ICYMI Monday: Basic Building Blocks

ICYMI Monday: Basic Building Blocks

Mike Roberts

This is a regular feature here on the Jibe Blog, in which we uncover some of the best recruitment and technology stories from the previous week you may have missed. But first, we take a little trip in the wayback machine.

We’re going wonders of the world for this week’s trip back in time as we head to the Great Pyramids in Egypt, circa 1984. On January 12th of that year, an panel overseeing the ongoing efforts to restore the fast-eroding pyramids made the decision to abandon the modern construction techniques that hadn’t been working over the three-year lifespan of the project, opting instead to return to the same method used by the ancient Egyptians. Following that decision, the restoration went smoothly. So what’s the lesson here and why in the world wonder is it included in a blog about recruiting software? Simply put, sometimes getting back to basics is the key to success.

We live in a world dominated by shiny objects, bombarded daily by innovation — tools and gadgets and apps all designed to ostensibly make our lives easier and less complicated. Of course, the unintended consequence bred by this age of innovation is that we can easily get overwhelmed by all these new tools to the point that our lives become more complicated, not less. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced a similar phenomenon in HR and talent acquisition, with a wave of new technologies introduced, all designed to positively upend the status quo and break us out of our dependence on legacy systems and legacy thinking. But that doesn’t mean we should let go tried and true techniques that have proven effective.

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In one of the pieces included in this week’s round-up, Steve Boese hits on this theme when he suggests that we need to stop talking about “candidate experience” in 2015. His argument is that treating candidates professionally and with respect should be a basic tenet of any talent acquisition operation. Unfortunately, it’s one of those essentials that can get lost amidst the swirl of automation and innovation currently taking hold. Technology today can most certainly aid in bettering the candidate experience, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon other essential ingredients. It’s the marriage of technology and the human touch that will yield hiring success. Let’s get to the rest of this week’s round-up, shall we?

  • What HR Will Be Talking About in 2015 (and What We Need to Stop Talking About)
    We already covered one of topics Steve Boese suggests we stop talking about, but what about his predictions on what we will be talking about in 2015? Top of the list: Predictive Analytics. After three years of talking about big data in HR, we’re going to begin to see the practical application of analytics in the field. We’re already seeing this happen in talent acquisition, with companies using analytics to identify and replicate proven strategies and sources to find, attract and hire the best candidates.
  • Here’s What’s Really Happening With Adopting and Utilizing Big Data
    Speaking of analytics, Janine Truitt in TLNT broke down the true state of where big data adoption really is in HR and recruiting. The bottom line? We’re extremely early on in the era of data-driven HR and recruiting. The silver lining? Adoption is not nearly as daunting as it’s been made out to be. Here, Janine provides a few simple ways to get started.
  • Talent Acquisition 2014: A Look Back and Ahead
    Two more extremely well-respected voices — Brandon Hall’s Madeline Laurano and Kyle Lagunas — weigh in on what to expect from talent acquisition in 2015, as well as taking a look back at the year that was. For the year ahead, analytics is once again makes the list, as does an expected embrace of “end-to-end talent acquisition” in which recruitment organizations connect the dots of currently fragmented disciplines such as sourcing, employer branding and hiring.
  • 2015: Social HR Becomes A Reality
    Finally, Jeanne Meister gives us her predictions for HR trends in 2015 in this piece on Forbes, citing it as the year for “consumerization of HR.” The trend piece focuses a lot on social media’s continued influence on HR and recruiting, but also touches on mobile and, yes, analytics.

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