HR Imperatives #1: The State of Mobile Recruiting

HR Imperatives #1: The State of Mobile Recruiting

Mike Roberts

This week on the Jibe Blog we are running a 3-part video series highlighting the key imperatives to take into consideration when surveying the ever-expanding HR and recruiting technology landscape. Today, we look at the “State of Mobile Recruiting.”  

“Mobile recruiting is an absolute must-have to be competitive and be considered a contemporary company.” — Joe Essenfeld, Jibe CEO 

Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld recently sat down with HR Executive Magazine to discuss the state of HR Tech. In this first clip, Joe zeroes in on mobile recruiting — where it’s at, where it needs to be and how far we still have to go. It’s a theme that we’ve explored often here on the Jibe Blog, but never has the essential necessity of it been so succinctly captured as it is here. Bottom line: We still have a long way to go if we’re to meet the expectations of today’s job seekers, who are undoubtedly of the mobile-first mindset.

Check out the following excerpt on mobile recruiting, and view the complete interview with Joe Essenfeld to learn about the most vital HR imperatives to consider today.


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